Omax Electric Roti Maker



This is 900 watts instant automatic roti maker With a roti maker at home, you can make soft rotis without consuming too much time. All you need to do is knead the flour and keep it ready. With a roti or chapathi maker at home, you can make oil-free chapathis as most of these appliances come with non-stick coated plates. Automatic chapati making machine provides ease of use and cleaning, saves labor costs and ensures product uniformity. The roti maker is crafted from durable stainless steel that will ensure the longevity of the product. The roti maker features non-stick tawas that are easy to clean and allow smooth operation. The cool-touch handle will make the process of cooking easy and safe.Expansive force – The force applied by the machine converts the balls of dough into flat round chapatis. So, the ball of the dough is expanded because the force is applied to it to get into a flat round shape of a chapati. Hence, the effect of force that comes into play in this process is Expansion force. After using it, wipe the cooking plates with a damp cloth and then with a dry cloth or a paper towel. The outside of the Roti Maker should be cleaned with a damp cloth too.

warranty 1 year on technical faults


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